Many moons ago I realised Humanism made much more sense than religion.  Or maybe that religion seemed to me to be the root cause of most conflicts on this world and there had to be an alternative.

Whether its global or regional conflict, divided communities or the warped way those ‘with faith’ position (and excuse) themselves in the world I see it as ‘nothing but trouble’.

From a ‘does a god exist’ point of view then I’d describe myself as an agnostic atheist.  Not sure what that means?  The following might help …

I discovered Humanists UK (the British Humanist Association as it was then) some time ago, joined and support their campaigns whenever I am able particularly those around religion in schools and LGBT+ issues.

Curious?  Click on the links.  You won’t be indoctrinated.  You won’t be radicalised.  You won’t be lied to.

Wonder if you too might have ‘humanist tendencies’ (!) then check out ‘How Humanist are You?

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